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Get Stoked With California Style! Surfer, Bohemian, Skater Girl Chic

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Ok, I am officially sick & tired of the cold weather & so glad the Spring has officially arrived & temperature has finally warms up! After organizing & put way all my cashmere sweaters into the storage, I change into my short sleeves Quiksilver Tees and hibiscus floral board shorts and headed to an outdoor café to enjoy the sun. To our readers who is not living in the sunny California but dreamed about soaking up the sun on the beach, enjoy the warm salty breeze & cruising with the top down going shopping while celebrities sighting on your next vacation to Southern California, here are some “California Looks” you can try it out at whatever city or country you are at now & looking Chic in “California Style” !

First, remember, California girls dress all different ways! From Bohemian Goddess to Surfer girl and the skater girl looks. Don’t assume we all look like the girls from the reality show “The Hills” or “Laguna Beach” on MTV! The most important thing to remember is being unique and show off your individuality! But typically the “California style” is a more laid-back and casual look. Here are some of the looks I think its super cute!

The Surfer Girl
Proenza Schouler – Tie-Waist Tricolor Pants
(Available @
Proenza Schouler – Tie-Skirt Tank Dress
(Available @
Proenza Schouler – Sequined & Feathered Silk Mini Dress
(Available @
Diane Von Furstenberg Paulita Ruffled Mini Skirt
(Available @
Alexander McQueen V-Neck Ocean Wave Sweater Dress
(Available @
Alexander McQueen Biker Faithful Satchel
(Available @

Marc by Marc Jacobs Multi Charms Sandle
(Available @ Bergdorf
Dont forget to add some of the “Sun-Kissed” look on your face, so your skin will have this healthy glow just like the surfer girl hang out at the beach!!
Chanel Make-up Les Impressions Collection
(Available @
The Bohemian Goddess
Helmut Lang Italian Linen Slouchy Sweater
(Available @
Diane Von Furstenberg Beach Tabalah Kaftan
(Available @
Chloe Multi Strap Leather & Canvas Sandls
(Available @
Prada Mistolino Swarovski Crystal Tote
(Available @ Bergdorf
Don’t forget to add a touch of color on your cheeks and lips but keep it natural and light !
Clinique Juiced-Up Colour Collection
(Available @
The Skater Girl
Ann Demeulemeester Leather Vest & Zipper Wrap
(Available @
Burberry Knotted Epaulette Jacket & Loop-Knot Skirt
(Available @
Givenchy Melancholia Bag
(Available @
Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Ring
(Available @
Fendi Logo Leather Cuff Bracelete
(Available @
To finish off that “Edgy” & “Stree Tough” look skater girls has, go bold with your eyeliners! make it dark and smoky! Black color nail polish & natural color lips
Shu Uemura Egerie Make-Up Collection
(Available @

Ok! after all these fabulous ideas showing you how to achieve that “California Look”, now! go to your closet dig up some of your already own pieces & go out to shop for some new stuff to create your own unique style to let out your “Inner California Girl” this summer !

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the Pug

Eskimo Ice Queen & Igloo Chic At Chanel Fall Winter 2010 Collection

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Maybe Karl Lagerfeld had looked into his Swarovski crystal ball and predicted this coming winter is gonna be extremely cold! So he offers up a fabulous collection that features this mystical Eskimo chic girl who lives in the igloo castle located at an extremely cold fantasyland that only the polar bear style coats can keep her warm! Better yet, how Coco Chanel would travel to north pole and how she would dressed!

Karl Lagerfeld had never fail to surprise us season after season with his vision! At the Grand Palais Paris this week, guests arrived with an invitation that has a polar bear sketched on it and once they walked in, there was a huge white box, which sat in the middle of the stage. As the show began, the box was lifted to reveal a huge 256 tons of iceberg imported from northern Sweden.

The collection featured every luxurious materials you can think of that’s almost like a Couture show than the ready to wear! Fur was woven into tweed fabrics for jackets, coats, skirts, also was weaved into luscious cashmere, angora sweaters & dresses. Thank God it was faux fur! I would hate to see some cute little furry animals died just for our vanity, even if it’s for the fabulous CHANEL dresses!

How about the accessories & handbags in the show you might ask? All I can say, it is so “COOL” that I want almost everything! Yes there is even a bag to hold a hot water bottle; you know the red plastic thing filled with hot water to keep you warm?! Talk about keeping it warm in Luxe style! Haha. I especially love the “Ice Cube” themed bags! Cute & clear ice cube decorated the bags with CC logos and there are couple evening clutch that looks like a chunk of ice cube and pave with Swarovski crystals CC logo! Here are some photos of these fabulous bags that is a must-have for this winter!

Click the video player below to view this fabulously “Cool” show!

I am calling my personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman & Chanel Boutiqes to get me on the wait-list for some of these fabulous items!! To find out more about this collection, please click here to visit CHANEL official website.

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

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Travel In Style With Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Cupertino Laptop Handbag

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Since the year of 1896, Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas has presents its unique charm in the fashion world. More than one hundred years has passed, the lightweight, supple, strong and sturdy Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas has become the one of the most recognizable fashion logo & status statement handbag all over the world. Recently Louis Vuitton website has a new addition to their fabulous handbags & luggage collection – The Cupertino Laptop Bag.

In this modern “cyber age” world, almost everyone has a desktop computer at home and a laptop computer to travel with. For me, this super chic laptop bag is simplistic & elegant on the outside but when you unzip the bag, it offers up total of 6 roomy compartments for all of your laptop related essential accessories, mobile phones, business cards and it also has 6 credit card or ID card slots! The Main compartment is padded with thick layer of foam material to ensure your laptop will travel safely and looking fashionable with you! It’s a super chic unisex bag and I think it’s a must-have for all the fashionistas!

– Size: 14.5″ x 12.2″ x 2.8″

– Monogram canvas, natural cowhide trimmings, textile lining

– Golden brass pieces

– Double zipper closure with Padlock

– One pocket for A4 documents, pockets for pens, phone and PDA

– One wide zipped pocket for battery and mouse and one rear flat pocket

– Comfortable hand or cross-shoulder carry with an adjustable and removable textile shoulder strap

– 6 card slots

– Price: $1870

Click the link here (Louis Vuitton Cupertino Laptop Bag) to visit LV’s website to get one!

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!


Alan + Mei-Mei the pug

Doing Business In Style

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Hey Girls, We all knows that dressing the part is 1/2 way to success! so why not complete the look with some fabulous business card holder and impress your clients or colleagues? We’ve search up and down and found these super fabulous business card holders (can also work as cigarettes holder !). They are so chic! and the price is affordable! It’s Posh without the price tag!


Carry your ID, business cards or cigarettes in style with this crystalized business card holder!
They are actually 14K gold plated; yes!that’s right!…real gold!

This sturdy metal case opens with a spring clasp and has a 3/4″ deep center with cardholders on each side. Store all of your business cards, ID, and credit cards, cash or cigarettes in this trendy case. The ID case measures approx 4″ x 2.75″ inches. They are decorated with enamel and Swarovski crystals (don’t forget the gold plating).

This case is small enough to fit in a clutch and can be carried out at night instead of a purse! put your money and ID and a stick of gum in the case, slip it in your back pocket and you’re ready for a night on the town in style!
Each ID case comes complete with a little faux leather carrying case so it won’t get scratched in your purse. Must have for all fashionistas!


That’s the fab finds for this time! Please come back to check out our blog and find out what other fabulous stuff we’ve found!