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Kama Sutra Meets Futuristic Technology & iPod !

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I recently came across a book name “Art of Kama Sutra” and was facinated by the beautifully illustrations of this ancient art/scripture! For many centuries even now, the word & activity of “Sex” has and is still a “Taboo” topic for some people. But come think of it, sex is actually the oldest recorded and the most “normal” activity for human & any living organism to reproduce and pass on their genes to continue their species. But I guess as the ime goes by, maybe some religion started to use it as an weapon to control people’s mind to maintain their own power and whatever they are trying to achieve, the SEX has became “Taboo” or “Sin” !

But if it’s so “Sinful” or “wrong” then why will there be pleasures that encourage us to keep “doing it” ? haha! anyway, this blog is not about confronting any spiritual believes or try to convenience anyone into any believes.

So we did a little study on the Art of kama Sutra… (’cause knowledge is power! wink)

The Kama Sutra (Sanskrit: कामसूत्र), (alternative spellings: Kamasutram or simply Kamasutra), is an ancient Indian text widely considered to be the standard work on love in Sanskrit literature written by the Indian intellectual Vatsyayana. A portion of the work deals with human sexual behavior.
The Kama Sutra is mostly notable of a group of texts known generically as Kama Shastra ( Sanskrit: Kāma Śhāstra ). Traditionally, the first transmission of Kama Shastra or “Discipline of Kama” is attributed to Nandi the sacred bull, shiva’s doorkeeper, who was moved to sacred utterance by overhearing the lovemaking of the god and his wife Parvati and later recorded his utterances for the benefit of mankind.

The Mallanaga Vatsyayana’s Kama Sutra has 1250 verses, distributed in 36 chapters, which are further organized into 7 parts. According to both the Burton and Doniger translations, the contents of the book are structured into 7 parts like the following:


1. Introductory
Chapters on contents of the book, three aims and priorities of life, the acquisition of knowledge, conduct of the well=bred townsman, reflections on intermediaries who assist the lover in his enterprises (5 chapters).

2. On sexual union
Chapters on stimulation of desire, types of embraces, caressing and kisses, marking with nails, biting and marking with teeth, on copulation (positions), slapping by hand and corresponding moaning, virile behavior in women, superior coition and oral sex, preludes and conclusions to the game of love. It describes 64 types of sexual acts (10 chapters).
3. About the acquisition of a wife
Chapters on forms of marriage, relaxing the girl, obtaining the girl, managing alone, union by marrage (5 chapters)

4. About a wife
Chapters on conduct of the only wife and conduct of the chief wife and other wives (2 chapters).
5. About the wives of other people
Chapters on behavior of woman and man, encounters to get acquainted, examination of sentiments, the task of go-between, the king’s pleasures, behavior in the women’s quarters (6 chapters).
6. About courtesans
Chapters on advice of the assistants on the choice of lovers, looking for a steady lover, ways of making money, renewing friendship with a former lover, occasional profits, profits and losses (6 chapters).
7. On the means of attracting others to one’s self
Chapters on improving physical attractions, arousing a weakened sexual power (2 chapters).

Pleasure and spirituality

Some Indian philosophies following the “four main goals of life”, known as the purusharthas:

1). Dharma: Virtuous living. 2). Artha: Material prosperity. 3). Kama: Aesthetic and erotic pleasure. 4). Moksha: Liberation.

Dharma, Artha and Kama are aims of everyday life, while Moksha is release from the cycle of death and rebirth. The Kama Sutra (Burton translation) says:
“Dharma is better than Artha, and Artha is better than Kama. But Artha should always be first practised by the king for the livelihood of men is to be obtained from it only. Again, Kama being the occupation of public women, they should prefer it to the other two, and these are exceptions to the general rule.” (Kama Sutra 1.2.14)
Of the first three, virtue is the highest goal, a secure life the second and pleasure the least important. When motives conflict, the higher ideal is to be followed. Thus, in making money virtue must not be compromised, but earning a living should take precedence over pleasure, but there are exceptions.
In childhood, Vātsyāyana says, a person should learn how to make a living; youth is the time for pleasure, and as years pass one should concentrate on living virtuously and hope to escape the cycle of rebirth.

The Kama Sutra is sometimes wrongly thought of as a manual for tantric sex. While sexual practices do exist within the very wide tradition of Hindu tantra, the Kama Sutra is not a tantric text, and does not touch upon any of the sexual rites associated with some forms of tantric practice.






Also the Buddha preached a Kama Sutra, which is located in the Atthakavagga (sutra number 1). This Kama Sutra, however, is of a very different nature as it warns against the dangers that come with the search for pleasures of the senses.
So after all the reading about the Kama Sutra, We’ve notice it’s spring time again! the weather warms up, flowers blooms, you see frogs are doing it, walrus, turtles, lions even lady bugs are getting “busy”!


so of course people start to get out of the house to mingle more…. and yes, it’s mating seasons for all things living haha ( well for the octo-Mom, the way and how fast she “reproduce” needs a Discovery Channel Special to explain her actions! haha) so here at, we’re always aiming for new and fabulous stuff (this time with one thing in mind, Sexual pleasure of Kama Sutra !), we’ve found these fabulous items to share with our reader & customers! check them out! it’s Kama Stura meets hi-tech!
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 I’m gonna go meditate with my fav actor Paul Walker’s photo…..OM… haha

Alan + Mei-Mei the pug ! ❤