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Luminous Skin Is Within Your Reach !

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As many of you can relate to this, many nights I stay up late working, the stress, pollutions in the air, the sun, has taken a toll on my skin. It leaves me an un-even skin tone that’s dull & lacklustre.

It has been almost 6 months I’ve been using SK-II Skincare and I am amazed how it has magically even out my un-even skin tone and smooth out my skin texture! So I decided to to a blog about SK-II products we think it’s fabulous and it’s a must have for all of our readers!


I’ve discovered that many Asian women all want to have “White” skin, but I think the word “white” is miss-leading! nothing more un-attractive than a pale un-healthy skin! The key is to find the right skincare ritual that’s right for you to achieve a “Luminous Skin” that your skin tone is even and “bright” instead of lack of luster and dull.

In SK-II skincare, there is an key ingrediant “Pitera”that has been working wonders on mine and many people all over the world! (Even the beautiful actress Cate Blanchett is a big fan of this skincare line)


Click on the media player below to see what Cate Blanchett says about SK-II skincare collections


Pitera, was discovered purely by chance. About thirty years ago, a scientist noticed that the hands of workers at a Japanese saké brewery looked beautiful and young. This was the inspiration behind five years of research by a team of scientists who screened through over 300 types of yeasts and refined the precise conditions for fermentation, leading to the discovery of SK-II’s signature ingredient, Pitera.

Derived from a unique yeast’s fermentation, Pitera is a blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids that work together to allow the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process to function at its prime, enhancing the renewal of the skin’s outer layer. Continued usage of Pitera leads to clearer looking, smoother skin.

Pitera is the signature ingredient in all SK-II products, and is ‘the secret key’ to beautiful skin.

Facial Treatment Essence, which was also the basis of Cate Blanchett’s discovery of the brand is over 90% pure Pitera. It provides instant moisture, and works to improve both texture and clarity; to promote a radiant, glowing complexion.


Pitera, a ‘Secret Key’ to beautiful skin

Pitera is a singular blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that work together to help restore the appearance of your skin’s outer layers, by enabling the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process to function at its prime. Today, scientists continue to marry this miracle of nature with breakthrough science in the advanced skincare line SK-II – which, like Pitera, combines nature’s purity, incorporates timeless rituals for body and soul together with modern technology to restore the natural beauty of your skin.

So here are some of the skincare products I am currently using and it has worked like magic on my skin!

Facial Treatment Essence
This unique Pitera-rich product moisturizes to improve texture and clarity for a more beautiful, glowing complexion. It also helps stimulate the natural renewal process of the skin’s outer layer to rebalance and bring harmony to your skin.  Women are so passionate about it that they describe it as their ‘holy water’. It contains over 90% pure Pitera – the seemingly magical ingredient found in all SK-II products. Skin absorbs the benefits almost on contact. The result is supple, smooth, radiant skin.


Whitening Source Derm Definition
This revitalising gel emulsion enhanced with a Vitamin C derivative and Pitera hydrates and evens skin tone. It moisturises to promote a clear and translucent glow revealing brighter, more translucent skin.

Whitening Source Skin Brightener – AN INTENSE HYDRATING CREAM
Also designed to work in harmony with Whitening Source DermDefinition, this deeply-moisturizing cream helps to optimize the look of skin that lacks radiance and evenness. Skin Brightener is packed with nourishing hydrators and texturizers to give your skin the correct smooth texture and a beautiful, soft glow effect. It also contains micro-fine visual modifiers, to bring an impressively uniform tone to your skin. 

This last item is not a skincare item but I love it !! there are some days you just feel like to conseal a little on your face and some coverage, maybe it’s the pimple, or just want that extra coverage away from the damaging UV lights during the day this Air bursh in the bottle foundation is a must have for all fashionistas! No more thick, fake, caky foundation face anymore! just press the button on the bottle, for 2 seconds all over your face then you’ll look fabulous, finished and no one wille ven guess you have foundations on! just let them believe you are just born with this beautiful skin! haha


 Air Touch Foundation
Precision Re-Texturization. Achieves a look of flawless beauty. A unique form of foundation, using the wonder of ionization technology to arrange fine particles evenly over the skin. With Pitera and hydrators to help create smoothness and radiance reminiscent of a baby’ s skin.  The Air Touch foundation ionizer comes with foundation refill

click on the media player below to see the demonstration of this fabulous air brush foundation!


I hope this posting is informative to you and maybe you should try some of the SK-II stuff, it worked fabulously for me! Until next time, see you later!

XOXO Alan + Mei-Mei the pug 🙂

Bea Arthur Thank You For Being A Friend! You’ll Be Missed (1922 ~ 2009)

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Beatrice Arthur, the tall, deep-voiced actress whose razor-sharp delivery of comedy lines made her a TV star in the hit shows “Maude” and “The Golden Girls” and who won a Tony Award for the musical “Mame,” has died on 4-25-09. She was 86.


According to her family, she was suffering from cancer, and passed away peacefully. It’s a very sad day for all of us as her fan!

Bea Arthur (Maude, Golden Girls) was a one woman powerhouse. She was so unique, so strong, and one funny woman!

Most people know and love her from her hit TV show “Golden Girls”, which still continues to shine in re-runs and the DVD box sets.


I can remember watching the “Golden Girls” everyday in my college years, those all nighters on trying to finish my homeworks, sewing, beading the dresses for my senior fashion show at Parsons School of Design NYC…. Bea and her grils from the Goldend Girls have kept me company and makes me laugh. Those classic quick one-liners Bea gave to Rose are the best part of the show!

Bea Arthur’s work has inspired me in many ways – I learned from a young age that there is nothing to fear in ageing as long as you have great friends and family. She proved that it is attractive to be an intelligent woman with a sharp tongue, and that a little humour can brighten any day. She has left behind an amazing legacy that will continue to inspire young women and men who are introduced to her body of work. Her sense of humour was what I love about her the most! here is an example, she made fun of the super hit TV show “Sex and the city” with her senior freinds


Arthur was born Bernice Frankel in New York City in 1922. When she was 11, her family moved to Cambridge, Md., where her father opened a clothing store. At 12 she had grown to full height, and she dreamed of being a petite blond movie star like June Allyson.

she hated the name and adopted her mother’s nickname of Bea — overcame shyness about her size by winning over her classmates with wisecracks. She was elected the wittiest girl in her class. After two years at a junior college in Virginia, she earned a degree as a medical lab technician, but she “loathed” doing lab work at a hospital.

Acting held more appeal, and she enrolled in a drama course at the New School of Social Research in New York City. To support herself, she sang in a night spot that required her to push drinks on customers.

During this time she had a brief marriage that provided her stage name of Beatrice Arthur. In 1950, she married again, to Broadway actor and future Tony-winning director Gene Saks.


After a few years in off-Broadway and stock company plays and television dramas, Arthur’s career gathered momentum with her role as Lucy Brown in the 1955 production of “The Threepenny Opera.”

In 2008, when Arthur was inducted in the TV Academy Hall of Fame, Arthur pointed to the role as the highlight of her long career.

Arthur’s biggest Broadway triumph came in 1966 as Vera Charles, Angela Lansbury’s acerbic friend in the musical “Mame,” directed by Saks. Richard Watts of the New York Post called her performance “a portrait in acid of a savagely witty, cynical and serpent-tongued woman.”

She won the Tony as best supporting actress and repeated the role in the unsuccessful film version that also was directed by Saks, starring Lucille Ball as Mame. Arthur would play a variation of Vera Charles in “Maude” and “The Golden Girls.”

In recent years, Arthur made guest appearances on shows including “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Malcolm in the Middle.” She was chairwoman of the Art Attack Foundation, a non-profit performing arts scholarship organization.

Bea, Thank you for all the laughters! all those nights you’ve share with us on the re-runs of Golden Girls on Life Time Channel, your fabulous performance in Mame….. you’ll be missed! Please click on the media player below to see a tribute to Bea.


Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.

And if you through a party
Invited everyone you ever knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend.


Susan Boyle Is A Diamond In The Rough From UK Show Britains Got Talent

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It’s been a while that something that really touched my heart so much it brought tears in my eyes ( well…I confess, I cried at the movie like “The Note Book” LOL), and this video clip I saw on you tube is the perfect example on how we should never judge a book by it’s cover!


Who would have guessed that dowdy Miss Boyle, who says in the video that she’s never been married, never been kissed and lives with her cat Pebbles, went on stage to skeptical looks from the audience and judges. She then sang “I Dreamed A Dream” a song from Les Miserables would bring the house down on Simon cowell’s UK hit show Britain’s Got Talent?  Her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” brought tears to my eyes.  Miss Boyle may live alone with her cat Pebbles (and I live with my pug Mei-Mei! nothing wrong with that! LOL), but she is so my hero!!


What a remarkable and inspirational story this is. I must have watched the YouTubevideo 20 times! I just could not get enough of her beautiful, angelic voice. I wasn’t alone, because many people commented about how they had also watched over and over again. In a little over 4 days, the video on YouTube had over 12 million views! This is incredible.

What does this say about the world we live in today?  In our pop culture craze society, so slavishly obsessed with the “Packaging” ! the right face, the right clothes, the right attitudes, the right Facebook / MySpace posts, and the unpackaged artistic power of the un-styled, un-hip, un-kissed Miss Boyle  restores our faith in the power of human grace.

People are looking for an inspiration, some tiny hope that everyday common people can become more than they ever dreamed. Susan Boyle…you are my inspiration and the inspiration of millions of others! This just proves that we can do anything we set our hearts and minds to achieve!

Click on the media player below to see this amazing clip & experience the magic of Susan Boyle


Modern Day Tea Parties & The Original Boston Tea Party in 1773

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Today is an interesting day for all Americans! No matter what’s your stand on today’s “Tax day tea party” it’s definitely an wake-up call for all of us to watch what we spend and how we spend it. and I want to make this clear that this posting is not about who is right who is wrong, I am just fascinated about how this “Tea Party” started. So I did a little research on the original Boston Tea Party in Year 1773 and here is a little history about it

The Boston Tea Party was a direct action protest by colonists in Boston, a town in the British colony of Massachusetts, against the British government. On December 16, 1773, after officials in Boston refused to return three shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists boarded the ships and destroyed the tea by throwing it into Boston Harbor. The incident remains an iconic event of American history, and has often been referenced in other political protests.

The Tea Party was the culmination of a resistance movement throughout British America against the Tea Act, which had been passed by the British Parliament in 1773. Colonists objected to the Tea Act for a variety of reasons, especially because they believed that it violated their constitutional right to be taxed only by their own elected representatives. Protestors had successfully prevented the unloading of taxed tea in three other colonies, but in Boston, embattled Royal Governor Thomas Hutchinson refused to allow the tea to be returned to Britain. He apparently did not expect that the protestors would choose to destroy the tea rather than concede the authority of a legislature in which they were not directly represented.

The Boston Tea Party was a key event in the growth of the American Revolution. Parliament responded in 1774 with the Coercive Acts, which, among other provisions, closed Boston’s commerce until the British East India Company had been repaid for the destroyed tea. Colonists in turn responded to the Coercive Acts with additional acts of protest, and by convening the First Continental Congress, which petitioned for repeal of the acts and coordinated colonial resistance to them. The crisis escalated, and the American Revolutionary War began near Boston in 1775.

Today, we’ve a modern day tea party in cities all over the U.S and it is an collaborative grassroots effort organized by Smart Girl Politics, Top Conservatives on Twitter, the DontGo Movement and many other online groups/coalitions.

The Tea Party protests, in their current form, began in early 2009 when Rick Santelli, the On Air Editor for CNBC, set out on a rant to expose the bankrupt liberal agenda of the White House Administration and Congress. Specifically, the flawed “Stimulus Bill” and pork filled budget.

During Rick’s rant, he called for a “Chicago tea Party” where advocates of the free-market system could join in a protest against out of control government spending.

A few days later, grassroots activists and average Joe Americans began organizing what would soon become the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party effort.

On February 27th, an estimated 30,000 Americans took to the street in 40+ cities accross the country in the first nationwide “Tea Party” protest.

Organizers of the February 27th events pledged to continue on with an even bigger and better protest to follow the first. With April 15th being “Tax Day”, it was decided to schedule the second round of Tea Party protests to ride alongside the tax deadline.

And with that, the “Tax Day Tea Party”, the second round of the Nationwide Tea Party protests, moved into reality. Let’s unite as Americans, tell the government stop wasting our tax money! here is a video of the 9-12 Tea party. It’s time we make America great again! no more political games!

After all these “Tea Party” Stories you’ve seen on TV, why not treat yourself with with D.L & Co. Modern Alchemy’s “Boston Tea Party” aromatic candle and let the beautiful scent acompany you to read more about the history of the original Boston Tea Party in 1773?!

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No matter what’s your political views and party you are with, let today’s “Tax day tea party” remind us that we are all americans and let’s all work together to make this great country we love back on its feet and for a better tomorrow !

Come back to check out our blog to see what’s new we found that’s fabulous and must have !

Alan + mei-mei the pug 🙂

Modern Day Mystic & Path To Enlightenment

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 I recently just finished reading one of my favorite spiritual teacher Caroline Myss’s book “Sacred Contracts” and has really raise a lot of questions like “am I on the right spiritual path”? or “why did this happened to me? did I do something wrong to experience?”


Since I was a kid, I’ve always be interested in any stories or books about religion and spiritual stuff. As the time goes by, people grew up and start to worry about more and more things in their lives such as schook, work, money, relationships… all those has distracted me away from searching for my spiritual path. Untill the day of September 11 in NYC, I was living in Manhattan while all the madness had happened, it has brought out a lot of hidden issues I didn’t even know I had and I started to develop a very strong anxiety attack, worry and scared about just about anything ( it’s understandable after the dramatic experience we had as a New Yorker during the September 11 ). So I started to see a therapist and nothing has worked. so one day I just can’t deal with this anxiety problem anymore I pray to the universe ( I pray to all Gods, Jesus, Buddha…etc ’cause I believe all Gods are ONE! they just trandsform themselfs into different “forms” in different regions so people at that area can relate to him/her more easily, just my opinion) and say ” Please help me to take this pain away, I don’t want to have this anxiety attack anymore…” I was praying while I was at the barnes and noble store while my anxiety attack was about to start again…. after the prayer, it felt like my prayer was heard I found my very first Meditation CD by Caroline Myss “Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice”. This 2 CD set has changed my life!


Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice Audio Sample

In no way I am writing this to say I’ve reach the enlightenment & has figured out all things, infact I am still on my spiritual path trying to find my way. But I thought just to share this with my readers how wonderful to have a spiritual life and practice and can enrich your life to be that much more colorful and fill with happiness!

From various of Carline Myss’ and some other spiritual teacher’s books and meditation CDs, what I’ve learned that benefit me the most is:
* Let go the desire to know why things happened the way it did, let got the need to have too much expectation of the future, instead live in the now and knowing that everything happened in my life are always happened with the best intention of me in mind and the universe is always watching over me! *

As many spiritual teachers trying to teach us there are a 7 powerful energy in our body called “Chakra”, by balancing each Chakra is the way to reach full enlightenment. Please click on the picture below to see the animated Flash Chakra charts that will help you to have a better understanding what chakra is.

One point Caroline pointed out that’s very interesting is that now the days, there are tons of those totally “Out there” new age groups & practices, try to reach spiritual enlightenment with out really “Working” on it! Thought just by chanting, dreaming or “manifest it” then you’ll find the perfect job, perfect lover and make a lot of money! Instead, Caroline pointed out that seeing your own energy is like a “spiritual energy bank”, everyday you have $100 worth of “Spiritual energy” to spend. You loose $5 here by thinking negatively about yourself, another $10 there jelous of that person or $20 dwilling on why this happend to me and feeling sorry for yourself… ect. so before you go to sleep when you meditate, you will need to “call back” the energy you’ve lost today and learn where you’ve lost your energies and try not to repeat it tomorrow. Without calling back your energy, you’ll go into debt! your body will be lacking the energy it requires to functions, then will start to effect your mind, spirits and health. So many people thinks just by holding a piece of crystals will heal you, but without having enough energy “saved” in you, you can’t unlock the “magic” of that crystal and it will remain just a piece of rock!

Ok, I am not going to babble on and try to sound like boring nun haha, here are some of the meditation CDs and audio books that has helped me to start my search on my spiritual path and all with very straight forward, easy to understand, no nonsense “out-there” new age bull! Also some beautiful incenses that only it smells good, but also offers employment for widows, abandoned mothers, and physically handicapped or unmarried women who otherwise would have no means of earning an income. A large perentage of profits from sales of the incense contributes to the health care, education, and vocational training for local villagers through Shanthimalai Village Trust in India, founded in 1985. check it out

  Caroline Myss
To learn more about the author, click here to read about Caroline’s Bio

 (Available at Luxe-Gifts.Com)
After two New York Times bestsellers, several highly-rated appearances on The Oprah Show, and packed audiences at live events across the country, Caroline Myss has emerged as a leading voice in the healing arts revolution.

On Sacred Contracts, Dr. Myss helps listeners take the next step in their personal evolutions, through the use of archetypes as tools for self-transformation. First identified by the legendary psychiatrist and author C.G. Jung, archetypes are symbols for unconscious energies and potentials held in common by all of humanity. Dr. Myss identifies a tool box of 12 major archetypal patterns, and explains their roles in the alchemy of spirituality. Listeners join this respected medical intuitive as she explores how we can identify our personal archetypes, uncover their higher purpose, and then work with them for self-understanding and spiritual development. Shared with her hallmark humor, honesty, and intelligence, Sacred Contracts is a welcome resource for fans of Dr. Myss everywhere. Original adaptation of the book by the author.

Contents: 5 CDs ( 6 hours ) 1 Study guide ( 32 pages )

 (Available at Luxe-Gifts.Com)
This is a personal recommendation! These 2 CDs Meditation course has changed my life! According to Dr. Caroline Myss, most people want the rewards of consciousness without doing the work of consciousness, but without rigor and discipline the full blessings of a spiritual life will never come.On Spiritual Power, Spiritual Practice, listeners join this respected medical intuitive and bestselling author to explore the prayers, reflections, and other teachings she developed in her own spiritual practice.

Through these daily disciplines including two 40 minute meditations, one for morning and one for evening anyone can learn to tap the wellsprings of love, faith, and trust that energize our spiritual potential. Enhanced features include video footage from Caroline Myss’ Energetics of Healing, music from Glen Velez’ Rhythms of the Chakras, and an interview with the author. Note: These CD-ROM format enhanced CDs containing audio, music, and video clips are meant to be played on your computer, using an internet connection, speakers, and Real Player programs, which are free for download.

Contents: 2 CD’ss ( 2 hours, 30 minutes ) 1 Study guide ( 27 pages )

(Available at Luxe-Gifts.Com)
Where did this notion that we have the power to shape our own destiny come from? How can we separate wishful daydreams from the authentic work of creation? With her intuitive grasp of spiritual truths and her no-nonsense presentation, Caroline Myss cuts through the myths surrounding manifestation on Your Power to Create. Taking a direct path to the heart of human creative power and how each of us can learn to harness it Caroline Myss opens the doors of understanding to:

What stops us from creating? How to overcome the fear that holds you back.

From Revolution to Revelation, and all the stages between the cycle of creation that governs cultures, epochs, and our individual lives How the will of the divine makes itself known to us in every moment if we know how to listen.

Applying your creative power to your health, your financial well-being, and your relationships.

Five steps to true manifestation: practical tools for unlocking your creative power, and much more!

Caroline Myss teaches that the ability to shape reality is a divine gift but it is a gift that must be trained, strengthened, and practiced as a living discipline every day. Now, this gifted teacher brings her trademark passion, candor, and extraordinary insight to help you unlock Your Power to Create.

Contents: 2 CDs ( 2 hours, 30 minutes )

To learn more about the author, click here to read about Pema Chodron’s Bio

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For thirteen hundred years, Tibetans have been practicing shamatha/vipashyana (peaceful dwelling/insight): a profound form of meditation that illuminates and purifies the obstacles to spiritual realization. Tibetan Buddhists today regard shamatha/vipashyana as both the fundamental and the most advanced spiritual practice of all.

On Pure Meditation, Pema Chodron takes you step-by-step through this timeless and elegant meditative form. You will learn the posture that helps you relax your mind, how to use your own breath as a reminder to return to the present moment, and what to do with the many thoughts and emotions that arise during your meditation sessions.

A straightforward, authoritative resource for students at all levels, Pure Meditation is a definitive guide to the authentic Tibetan Buddhist meditation that has brought its practitioners relaxation, peace of mind, and deeper awareness for hundreds of years.

Contents: 2 CDs ( 2 hours )

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Xoxo Alan + Mei-Mei the Pug