Doing Business In Style

Hey Girls, We all knows that dressing the part is 1/2 way to success! so why not complete the look with some fabulous business card holder and impress your clients or colleagues? We’ve search up and down and found these super fabulous business card holders (can also work as cigarettes holder !). They are so chic! and the price is affordable! It’s Posh without the price tag!


Carry your ID, business cards or cigarettes in style with this crystalized business card holder!
They are actually 14K gold plated; yes!that’s right!…real gold!

This sturdy metal case opens with a spring clasp and has a 3/4″ deep center with cardholders on each side. Store all of your business cards, ID, and credit cards, cash or cigarettes in this trendy case. The ID case measures approx 4″ x 2.75″ inches. They are decorated with enamel and Swarovski crystals (don’t forget the gold plating).

This case is small enough to fit in a clutch and can be carried out at night instead of a purse! put your money and ID and a stick of gum in the case, slip it in your back pocket and you’re ready for a night on the town in style!
Each ID case comes complete with a little faux leather carrying case so it won’t get scratched in your purse. Must have for all fashionistas!


That’s the fab finds for this time! Please come back to check out our blog and find out what other fabulous stuff we’ve found!


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