GURL! This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Disney Prince! Hunky Disney Prince Erotic Style

Remember those handsome, animated, Disney Princes you used to crush on when you were little? (Admit it ! you do! And mine very first crush was Prince Eric from Little Mermaid). Here they are again, back in full force and all sexed up in nothing but tight, small underwear, showing off their masculine muscles & “Fully Loaded” package !

Prince Eric from “Little Mermaid”

Disney is all about the princesses! And the early years of Disney Princess are usually more passive and have this mentality that one day her prince will come for her, but usually at the end in a “what took you so long” kinda rescue. I am glad now the new generations of Disney Princess are more independent & more of a “Self-Rescuing” kinda woman.

Prince Adam from “Beauty & the Beast”

But admit it, you have your eyes set on those hunky, handsome Prince and secretly envy of those Princess totally scored! Haha well these images are from an artist name David Kawena, he has artfully illustrated those Disney PRINCE in the way that none of us has ever seen before ( and was only for the eyes of those damn lucky princess who snag them in the fairy tales stories haha ).

James Marsden as Prince Edward from “Enchanted”

Oh yes!! These illustrations are getting me HOT & Bothered! Haha and I’m not ashamed! A friend of mine one day emailed me one of these drawings and I laughed so hard, yet was kinda turned on. I mean they are soooo hot!! So I had to find more and I found out it was a whole series. I can’t pick which one is my favorite! Price Eric with his Ariel “Fish Fetish” Tattoo, Hercules lookin all manly and swole,

Price Phillip and his perfectly coiffed prince hair and firm booty,

Prince Philip from “Sleeping Beauty”

Prince Naveen (from the new Disney movie Princess & the frog) killer smile and hot bod

Prince Naveen – The Frog Prince

Shang in his fighting stance….

Shang from “Mulan”

look at Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, even tho he is not a prince but damn! That sexy goat-T facial hair and washboard abs…

Phoebus from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

OMG!! how can I not mention super hunky John Smith from Pocahontas….. I’ll go to England with you and be your queen!! LOL

John Smith from “Pocahontas”

Tarzan’s killer abs, I bet he can “party” like an animal! haha


Milo J. Thatch from “Atlantis”

David from “Lilo and Stitch”

Kocoum from Pocahontas

Jim from Treasure Island

Gaston from “Beauty & Beast”

How can we forget our arabia prince Aladdin?….. I wanna ride your magic carpet!! LOL


I never thought I’d be so turned on by Disney cartoon characters but now I will secretly having lustful dirty thoughts when I watch my favorite Disney princess movies! haha

We hope you enjoy as much as I did with these fabulous artworks by David Kwaena.
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To end this posting, we’ve found a awesome video featuring all the Princess and Prince from Disney, ahh l’amour l’amour !

Untill next time, be well & look fabulous!

Alan + Mei-Mei the pug 🙂


12 Responses to “GURL! This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Disney Prince! Hunky Disney Prince Erotic Style”

  1. quick! do Flynn Rider from “Tangled” ! 😀

  2. Sabrina Says:

    Ohh that’s so hot! I’d rip them apart! Delicious looking men!

  3. Yesss!!! Thank you haha! I almost forgot how hot they all were ;).

  4. Don’t forgot Peter Pan! lol Kawena made one for Peter too :p

  5. kirsty hamblett Says:

    oh wow i can never look at disney princes/hero’s in the same way again but boy arn’t they all hot!!1(except gaston!) 🙂 xx

  6. LOL….OMG!!!…I can’t stop laughing…this is sooo funny but very very very turn-on-ish!!, the tartan pic just made me more attracted to Tarzan..whew…hmmm… I got to say, I enjoy looking at these pics..thanks man!

  7. Nom Nom Nom , LOL

  8. where is the sexy beast as a prince????that would be the best one yet!

  9. Too bad only the jerk has chest hair like a real man!

  10. Um, where are Jafar and Captain Hook????

  11. Allison G Says:

    Draw Eugene Fitzherbert from Tangled!!!! 🙂

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