Behaviour New York – Fashion Insiders Favorite Store

In New York City, the mecca of fashion, where all the fashionistas go see & shop for the latest fashions.  As a serial shopper like myself & many of our readers, finding a good store that offers a variety of selections of clothing & accessories to express your own unique individuality is like finding a needle in a haystack! Behaviour New York is one of those rare store that offers exactly what a true fashionista is looking for & fashion insider’s favorite destination

Located at the super hip & chic Chelsea area next to the Greenwich village, this clean, modern clothing store makes you feels like you just walked into an modern art gallery.  I love how the store looks! mixing the lavish chandelier with minimalistic designed display furniture that’s filled with the Must-Have accessories for the season!

Against the wall are racks full of urban trend-setting yet polished, tailored elegant men’s clothing

Brands such as D&G, Paul & Joe, Dusty, Alessandra Dell’Acqua, Messagerie and much more! It’s like a “fashion candy store” without the calories for all the fashionistas!

Ever since the store founder & owner Chad Vo, an seasoned fashion designer / fashionista, opened the store “Behaviour” back in 2005, Behaviour has been one of the fashion insider’s favorite! For me personally, it’s the unique selection of the brands they carries; emphasis on younger & newer designer not easily found anywhere else! so it makes the shopping experience truly exciting & unique. Also not to mention they’ve got the friendliest, knowledgeable (and good looking!) sales person in the store to help you to spend your money on the hottest fashion of current season has to offer!

So next time you are in New York City, don’t forget to stop by “Behaviour” to get something pretty for yourself or your man! The store is located at

231 West 19th Street  New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-352-8380

Here is Behaviour’s official website

Until next time, be well and look fabulous!!


Alan + Mei-Mei the Pug 🙂


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